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Foshan Oscars Cosmetics Pty., Ltd owns Guangzhou DUOYA cosmetics Co.,Website:, Ltd and Foshan Yilanbailu Cosmetics Co., Ltd, we are able to ensure quality by owning the entire process, from grinding high-grade steel to directly shipping our products to your door. That means we can continually innovate to make cosmetic product even better. We are located Chancheng District, Foshan, Guangdong Province, China with over 15 years'experience in cosmetics manufacturing, developing and exporting, including OEM, ODM, ODM, customization and private label service. We're able to break the decades-long cycle of big brands overdesigning and overcharging and do things the Oscar's way?focused on high quality, fair prices and customer satisfaction. Our team in China has been grinding high-grade steel into some of the world's sharpest blades since 1999. Today, more than 600 China engineers, designers, craftsmen, and production workers build and operate sophisticated, custom equipment that produces millions of precision blades every year. It is an honour for us to have a privilege to invite you at our exhibition. The venue of the exhibition is Dubai, China, HK, US, Italy, Australia etc. The exhibition will be held on from March to September every year, with a full selection of makeup, skin care, body care, hair care and bathing products. We will be pleased to see your presence in the exhibition, for more details please contact The obvious benefit to using our logistics company is that you don't have to do it yourself. But the benefit really goes deeper than that. Outsourcing warehousing and fulfillment can have a meaningful impact on your business's growth.
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bath bomb, Vitamin C serum, black mask, Nail Polish, Shampoo, Lip gloss